Problems with GH2, external flash and PZ14-42x

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Re: Problems with GH2, external flash and PZ14-42x

kenw wrote:

neroangelo wrote:

It reminds me of when the shutter speed was over 200 on the Canon 5d and gives a black bar due to flash sync speed, something mirrorless should not have a problem with.

Mirrorless uses a focal plane shutter just like a DSLR (and your 5d) and is subject to all the same sync issues you'd experience with a DSLR. So for any shutter speed faster than 1/160 (for example 1/400) you will get a black bar with flash - that is normal for m43 cameras.

If that is the case I stand corrected, but my understanding was the mirror was the problem at faster speeds? The 1dmk3 could do flash at 1/250 but the 5d was 1/200th...again If im wrong I stand corrected. It is happening up to 1/160th...the camera won't allow any speeds faster than that.

The problem with the PZ14-42x is that the black line appears with shutter speeds of 160 and above at f8 and above during normal shooting condition or with flash .

Hmmm... If you are in fact getting the black line without flash that definitely sounds like something is wrong with the camera or lens somehow. At shutter speeds faster than 1/160 (for example 1/400) the shutter is "sweeping" the imager. There might be a problem with the aperture in the lens, it closes down to the set aperture for exposure and it is possible it is over shooting and completely closing (or closing very small to say F/22) for the very first part or last part of the exposure resulting in the band.
I will test that tomorrow...thanks...

I read somewhere that there was a picture problem with shutter speeds of 160 and 200 with the PZ14-42 but want sure what was meant..

If you are getting black bands without flash then I think you do need to call Panasonic.
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