Nikon D800 in the wild - Tanzania

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Re: Nikon D800 in the wild - Tanzania

richardD300 wrote:

Well done and I have been resistive to selling my D700, but these images have made me think.


Had the same "guy behind the viewfinder" used a D700, his shots would have been equally impressive, and I really doubt anybody would look at them and say "what a shame they were made with a D700".

This is where the skill of the photographer is at work, admittedly you need equipment capable of producing the results you want- but you probably haven't used your d700 to maximum performance yet- don't underestimate what the camera is capable of.

I hope my post has just saved you a few thousand dollars- maybe add to your lens collection instead?

Cheers to original poster, what a magnificent set of images.

Well done.


LIFE is a 'long exposure'... and full of 'noise'. Wouldn't want it any other way!

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