Just buy the unusable Vary ND filter...

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Re: Just buy the unusable Vary ND filter...

I just bought a vario yesterday. In the old days, we'd rotate two polarisers against each other- today they call it "Vario".

That's definitely what mine is.

Your camera meter will strive to keep image density the same no matter what level of vario you have dialled in. One of the real values of such a gadgets to enable slower shutter speeds than what might be available, given the prevailing light and equipment used.

Just the definition could take up a whole page- so I'll leave it to you- but if you wanted to take a shot of downhill skiers in bright sunlight and have them form long trails of movement, one of these filters should be with you on that shoot.

I'd be taking a look at your camera sensor, there seems to be some dust on it.



LIFE is a 'long exposure'... and full of 'noise'. Wouldn't want it any other way!

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