The good, the bad and the ugly - first impressions of my D800

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Re: The good, the bad and the ugly - first impressions of my D800

Just found your post when I searched on "Mathers" in the forum. I'm 30th in the queue and like you gave up the hope that they might come good on their price in my lifetime (or at least that life was too short to wait for something that may not happen).

I too have come from a D300 background but can't say that I share all of your conclusions. Could be the examples of both D300 and D800 we have. I bought my D300 shortly after it came out though was a little disappointed with it from the off. I had been at the launch event with Nikon in Manchester for the D3 and D300 and loved the D3 but couldn't afford one at the time. The D300 always felt like a poor second best to me (coming from a D2Hs).

The D300 has been a good camera (though not great in my opinion) and is a faithful tool for capturing what I want. Pictures can look a bit flat though I must admit I do almost no PP so they are what they are. By contrast the D800 has been incredible. Much better than I hoped. Most striking is the DR and the incredible focus aquisition in poor light. Stark contrast to the D300 that I'm used to.

I haven't noticed any colour cast on the screen or focus issues and I have looked after reading all about it. Maybe it's there and I've missed it? Don't know. I've only really had chance to indulge in 3 hours of play so still time to discover it.

Don't know if it is lens related (though don't see how) but your D800 images appear a flat to me, i.e. lacking in DR or punch. I do think your daughter has a gift with a camera however I am surprised that the images were not a little more contrasty. Perhaps this is how you have processed them or how they were lit. My limited experience with the D800 inspired me to actually do some PP on my images for the first time and I found great depths in the shadow detail that just doesn't exist with the D300.

So my long winded conclusion is that I agree with you that the D300 and D800 are not the same, but my experience is that the D800 is so far superior to the D300 as to be almost unbelievable. I have been away in Prague this last weekend with my little pocket Canon S100 and really missed the D800 - it is just so nice to use.

I bought the D800 because it was FF and had video. I don't care about the video anymore - taking pictures with it is such a pleasure.

Any progress on your Mathers order? - I haven't heard a peep from them in two months. My order is still open with them but I am tempted to cancel and "cut my losses", though in reality I've lost nothing as they haven't sold me anything. It would be a lost opportunity I guess. I know I paid £500 more than their offer price for my D800 but I have to say I am glad that I did and won't regret having the camera now rather than waiting months for what seems like almost certain disappointment from Mathers.


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