And you wonder why I don't post here much anymore

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Re: This is why ...

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Joel Stern wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Joel Stern wrote:

hwchiu wrote:

you are too busy taking photographs........

The truth is with the exception of 3 or 4 friends nobody has any why bother anymore. Maybe the forum is just a quiet one but this seems even more stange than usual.

I agree Joel,

Lots of people ask for photographs to be posted but few comment on them.

When they receive comments they are usally "nice pic" when they are not liked they are ignored. So it is not a "photo exhibition" site even though you can do this.

In truth when there is no new fantasy product to speculate about and discuss, or no new actual product release it all boils down to a few query/answer sessions, some desultory image posting and an argument or two about other products usually not being made by Ricoh.

Even the lens talk is more about a quite limited number German or Japanese sourced lenses that are used.

Occasionally there is something new and we get a bit of debate, but controversial debate no matter how civilly carried out is not well regarded. However if we all agree on everything precisely it gets kid of boring.

Soometimes I drop a clanger in to stir the pot, but we need a few more outrageous posters to get the juices flowing. Or Ricoh could simply announce a few new products ...

The no comments makes me nuts, makes me feel like my pics must be terrible. But if I like something I post it. With pride I posted some pics of my daughters graduation, Bart let me know he has seen them. He did not comment on their technical merits as I was not expecting that, but it was nice to see that for him I am a living and breathing person. Maybe I am just cranky knowing I will have to undergo a second, more aggressive back surgery, maybe I am just cranky and maybe I am just frustrated, I do not know.

Keep your spirits up Joel, my photographs met with surprise from Rube, a slash or two which were fair comment and something I can handle, and nothing much else.

I presume 1) that my images are not up to the hallowed level 2) that I am a burr under the saddle and 3) that I should use more German or Voigtlander sourced lenses of the RF type to be accepted.

I agree that German and Voigtlander lenses perform well, possibly the very best. But there are others and if I am crazy enough to buy and pass on the craziness for others to read about then I do so willingly and expect no feedback.

I am into photography for the fun of it, I pretend no special skill and my little pile of oddball lenses looks more and more like a lens museum than a serious photographer's toolkit.

So enjoy your cameras, I appreciate your words and if you don't see immediate feedback then understand that a lot more lurk and listen than ever post on the forum.

Might be like talking to yourself sometimes ....

Hope your operation is successful and is not too stressful.

Yes Tom, I will enjoy them....that is the most important...I have made some very good friends on this forum and a few others, that is a nice thing.

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