HX30V - arrived today and really dissapointed with IQ

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Re: HX30V - arrived today and really dissapointed with IQ

I support your point of view: the IQ is appalling compared to the Canon. I have an older model myself (Sony TX5, 10 MP) and it's never as bad as this either.

If you want to keep the camera anyway, try one of the 6-shots mode (HHT, AMB, etc...). Maybe it can improve things.

lightshader wrote:

Thanks for all your comments - I've just uploaded a few taken today with the Canon a610 in auto mode ( also no pp) for anybody who wishes to view and comment on the differences in IQ.


Although the HX30V is a new camera, as I had the HX9V before and took many pictures, it doesn't feel foreign to me, having a similar menu etc. I really want to like and keep this camera as I am going off travelling for a few weeks soon, but am really not sure. I tried a few with suggested settings in earlier posts, but didn't feel it made a difference. Will try to get some more samples taken tomorrow for anybody who may be thinking of buying this camera. Thanks.

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