From yesterdays shoot... Mazda CX-5 (5D mkII)

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Re: From yesterdays shoot... Mazda CX-5 (5D mkII)

Hi Jack,

Thanks for the feedback!

The washed out side is like a fake flare...very much used by automotive photographers these days. I used the 16mm on my fullframe to achieve the look of a quite boombastic 4WD. Tried to make it look like this car could climb "everything"...thus the wideangle view The shape was not necessary to get the look. Hope you can see what I mean!? Its like "look what I can do" and not "look how beautiful I am"...

Thanks again!

Best regards

JackM wrote:

If that is the look you intended, you executed it well. However I do not like it. I don't like how the image looks washed out on the right side, and I don't like how the cabin is so diminished and out of view. The only things we get a good look at are the wheel, headlight, and to a lesser extent, the grill. We cannot see the actual shape of the vehicle.

I am speaking from decades of reading Road & Track while sitting on the throne.

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