D4 + 14-24mm or 16-35mm?

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Re: D4 + 14-24mm or 16-35mm?

Thanks for this! I do shoot landscapes, but I rarely take the time to do it proper. I do own the 24mm f/1.4G, which might be my preferred lens for landscapes, as it's smaller and wide-enough for the scenes I like to capture.

I will primarily use an ultra-wide-zoom for people images... Specifically poorly lit bars, clubs, and music venues. There is the occasional risk of having that huge exposed element in an area crowded with people (some of them boozing). But I agree that there is no better way to freeze action than a large aperture.

I'm leaning towards the 14-24mm, but we'll see when they're both here for a rental!

Thanks again everyone for your comments and advice.

mgblack74 wrote:

I've used the 16-35 extensively on D700 & D3s. I sold it recently to buy a 14-24 and it shines on my D800. I quite liked the 16-35, the VR is immensely useful for small aperture, handheld shots. And it does take filters.

But ultimately, for what I do, larger apertures is a better fit. I have been a big fan of the 16-35 and would still have it if it weren't what the 14-24 provides. And it's what the 14-24 has that I need most often. I need really wide, f/2.8 more than I need VR, so the choice was logical for me. Weight isn't an issue. When I first picked up the 14-24, I made a mental note that it's a good weight but it's heft has been exaggerated by many. It balance's beautifully on a D3s and is a tad front heavy on an ungripped body. But not a big deal. Infact, because its shorter, i prefer the use of the 14-24 to the 16-35. Although lighter, the 16-35 is longer which imakes the lever effect seem equal between the two, but as I said, the 14-24 is more compact front to back. With the HDR features of the new cameras and and the DR, I find that I'm using filters less anyway.

If you are doing landscape only, I would suggest the 16-35. At f/5.6 & f/8 it would be hard to tell them apart, but then you have VR and filters. The bulk of my shooting is wedding/engagement with a little bit of landscape for myself and real estate to a lesser extent further. So for me that little bit extra resolving power, width, & speed won out over VR and better utility. I also have the 24-120 f/4 and primes, so for above 24mm, the 24-120 is better in the shared range vs 16-35.

JoshRtek wrote:

I've been happily putting my D4 through it's paces the past three weeks. Up until this weekend, I'd been practicing a strict policy of primes-only, but I let that slip to test my 28-300mm, and was pleased with the results.

Further, I finally sold my Nikon 10-24mm ultra wide angle zoom, the last piece of DX glass to go after my move to an FX-sized sensor.

I'm falling in love with the 24mm f/1.4G's field-of-view (as compared with the DX, though 36mm is a great focal length as well). However, I know it won't be long before I miss ultra-wides. The Nikon 10-24mm was probably the most utilized lens in my DX setup, and it will need replacing soon.

For Memorial Day weekend, I'm renting both the 14-24mm and the 16-35mm VR to see which I prefer. There are a lot of considerations: weight, VR or not, faster aperture or not, and also the ability to use filters.

I know a lot of these questions will be answered when I've got the two lenses in my hands, but I'm curious to know what everyone's opinions are on comparing the two lenses.

Is the extra weight of the 14-24mm a drag? I'm not necessarily concerned about not using filters. 16-35mm seems like an awesome walk-around range, while 14-24mm seems much less so. But f/2.8 freezes motion better than f/4 even with VR. What are your experiences like?

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