And you wonder why I don't post here much anymore

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Another one to look elswhere.

I'm another one to sometimes look elsewhere. Not because of lack of comments, or this section being slow. But because of Ricoh with their unwillingness to offer real NR off in their compacts. I've no real interest whatsoever in GRDIII, IV or the PX etc.

Unfortunately the golden era of low NR which included Ricoh compacts like, R3, R4, GRDI, Caplio GX, GX8 and also the 500G/SE, are now way since long past.

GRDI, 500SE and 400G wide are some true gems in their own respectively ways and not going to leave my setup of compacts. But the rest, like G700, GX100, R2 and maybe also the Pro G3 willl be leaving.

GX100 have been claimed like a good jpeg-camera and the last old-school Ricoh with low NR, but that turned out not to be quite true according to my findings.

Default sharpening is way too bad with lot of artifacts and not quite what it should be even when it is set to -2 so that's another mostly raw-only compact, like the GRDII.

I'll keep a watching eye as well as keep posting and this is definitely not some sort of 'Goodbye-post' by me. I'll likely just post less because of less interest in the newer compacts from Ricoh.

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