D800 v D2X/D3X skin tone and "tonality"

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Re: D800 v D2X/D3X skin tone and "tonality" (Make your own profile)

Mikael Risedal wrote:

I have used qp-card since last summer and have made different profiles (in house, day light etc) to my two 5dmk2 and I prefer the colors from my own profiles .

I went the profile route for a while, and as I got good at it I learned I really needed a different profile for every kind of light.....which became all too big a PIA compared to just adjusting cams best canned profile in post.

IMO, there is a lot to be said for a cam getting color right "out of the box".

I too have like the d2x better than the d3 color...there was a clarity to it I had trouble replicating with the d3 even when using the d2x color modes.

For the original poster...yes, the d800 seems more akin to the d2x than the d3. I'm even finding some of my old canned d2x color adjustments for outdoor shooting are working well on d800 files. The time I've spent with a d3x convinced me it was in a class of its own....

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