The grass is Greener (K 01) one image

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Re: What kind of grass is that?

JoeDaBassPlayer wrote:

You did get the WB and situation right. Also, it does have a "glowing" green look in that light as well. No kidding.

OK - nice to be right

This reminds me of a similar situation - and thats tungsten lighting.

Some people (e.g. me) likes yellow images when they are taken in tungsten lighting. Mainly, because thats how it looks (to me).

Some people wants to apply heavy WB to get white white and grey grey. That looks better to them I suppose, but unnatural to me. Maybe those people have stronger built in auto WB in their brain.

Now - using pure sunny WB in tungsten might be too yellow, so a compromise is best (to me).

Same with this grass. It needs some correction IMHO for the blue lighting. But full correction will make it look to be lit by diffused sunlight, and that is probably to much correction. Some bluishness needs to be left IMHO.

Same go for snow. If the sky is intense blue, then the snow shall not be corrected to be neutral, it should still be slightly blue.

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