OM-D needs more light, longer exposure times! (

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Re: No, you're right...

Louis_Dobson wrote:

temama wrote:

I don't trolling, I did just a observation - and I'm not the only one with this notice

Quite. Someone made this, entirely incorrect, observation before, a bunch of people who (for assorted warped reasons of their own) want the sensor to be rubbish repeated and now some mathematically challenged people firmy beleive it and keep repeating it, and if you explain to them why they are wrong (which has to be done endlessly...) they just think you are a fanboy. It is very tiresome. Like watching small children who think they've discovered where the tooth fairy lives. The idea there is no tooth fairy is too hard to get through to them.

And the other way around

It's not a problem for me, if you want to believe that E-M5 exp.times and ISO values are in line. It is completely OK to me. I will not continue this debate longer. If the issue is significant, we will hear more about it yet - from other sources.
I have no need to poison this forum with my observations (if you think so).

A great shot, BTW!

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