First Try: Simple Couch Shot (K5+FA35)

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Re: First Try: Simple Couch Shot (K5+FA35)

Thanks for the complement and trying to fix it.

I simply had to run up to them from across the street (they called me over when they saw the cam), then I had to back up (I use a prime).

Processed in LR3. I used a profile for lens correction for the FA35, which I downloaded. I don't really like it, as it seems to retain some distortion and purple fringing, but is still workable.

I normally turn up the clarity, turn up contrast, only a slight bit of black level, but compensated with contrast, ever so slight addition of black level. I reduce the vibrance and some saturation. Exactly what I did here, might vary but this is what I got from my history.

The main changes usually come from adding a bit of exposure to the right, adding contrast to a point of slight clipping in the shadows, clarity, slight grain, vignette, and reduction of vibrance.

Also, in my correction profile, which I start all shots with, I retain a very slight bit of negative distortion. For the FA35, -2 is good enough and can not be perceived, but lends a bit to a 3D effect sometime, especially if there are shadows cast.

By the way, here is the background on the scene:

The background is that in this part of my city, it's somewhat "normal", especially during festivals, for the residents to bring their couches out to the sidewalk and just chill out there. I was walking, they saw my cam, called me over, and I had to click it or the moment would have been over. Thankfully, I was in TAV mode, so it did a bit of work to adjust on its own.

I think there's a charm, even in the imperfections, that the pixel-peepers might miss. *

citrontokyo wrote:

All this talk about straightening, I tried cropping a bit of the sky, which gives it a bit more of a level feeling, but then you lose the sides, which give you more of nice framing to the picture.

In my opinion, leave it as is. The framing is more important than the level. It's a great shot. I really love the colors too. What kind of settings did you use? In camera? PP?

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