On transformation of space at f/1

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Once another prudish gentleman said that he doesn’t want his 16 year old gran-daughter to see a shot that I had posted then!...

The only suggestion I can give to “Prudish” fellows is to go to their profile in DPR; and, on “Privacy and Safety”, in the “Gallery viewing safety level”, select “SAFE”!

As the office times are very different across the globe, maybe it would also be safer to not visit a Photographers site such as DPR during any office time! (actually, DPR is one of the most “Prudish” Photography site I know! )... There are many other sites that may be much more appropriate for some of the 16 year old girls and prudish people!

BTW, surprisingly the other gentleman was also from UK. I had the pleasure of living and studying in England for few years and still have many wonderful English friends; but as well as I can recall, all my English friends are far from being that “Prudish”!... Maybe I was and am hanging around with wrong people!...

But if I am not mistaking, you are talking about Prudish Americans ?...Then, that's another story!...

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