I broke my FDA-EV1S

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Re: I broke my FDA-EV1S

zackiedawg wrote:

I'll leave it to the OP to give details on how light or heavy the knock was that caused the problem, and I'll leave it to you how much worry or confidence you place on the product...

If you look back, the OP [me] is not the only one who has had exactly the same experience as mine, with the break occurring at exactly the same spot -- three others in just this thread -- and that's not counting the one on ebay sold as 'repaired' and apparently not one of the ones reported here [at least nobody claimed it after I denied it was mine].

Clearly, this is not a universal problem, but just as clearly, it is not simply isolated bad luck -- not when they all break the same way.

Having it open and seeing both the broken example and the replacement part, it is easy to see how it could have been made much more robust with a nearly invisible change -- the use of a steel stirrup on the top or some other alternate mounting direct to the internal steel frame around the diopter adjust mechanism. Even just using two stirrups on the top instead of one would have been more robust. As it is, the entire eyepiece frame is supported at only three points -- two screws into the steel frame on the very bottom, and only one incredibly tiny loop at the very top which is even offset [read: more of a failure prone point] from the line of the top half of the shell.

The three-point suspension almost makes a lever -- accidentally engineered to break the stirrup.

I even suspect -- though I'm not about to test -- that the rubber of the eyepiece is sufficiently 'sticky' that in the right circumstances, the right kind of a friction 'rub' from front to back against the right fabric surface [the inside of a coat, a child being lifted off the ground] could put enough strain on the stirrup to cause it to fracture.

But to set the record straight, had I known all this, I still would have bought one -- I would find the 5n unacceptable as a dslr replacement without it. I just would have been way more protective of it.

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