Canon 5d Mark II + Speedlight 580II battery issue

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Re: Canon 5d Mark II + Speedlight 580II battery issue

Thanks. I never print, so I am not really aware the ISO settings that noise is showing up.

Something else you may be able to asnwer, since you seem well informed. Do you know any good calibrators for monitor brightness? My LED screen is much brighter than many other monitors I watch my photo's on, making them look a bit underexposed. I know the histogram is a good indicator of proper exposure, but at normal histogram settings, the photo is sometimes too bright on my monitor, despite downscaling the brightnes setting on the device. So, calibration for brightness would help with the confusion. Any advise with this? Thanks for your time.

Michael Thomas Mitchell wrote:

Obviously, you want the lowest ISO possible. But not at the expense of motion blur, either from your own hands or your subjects. Use the settings which work the best for the circumstances. But you may sometimes find ISO 1600 to be unavoidable. And if you're ISO 1600 results are unacceptable, you might re-examine your raw processing. A careful balance of sharpening, masking, and noise reduction can provide really nice-looking high ISO files from that camera in particular. I used to provide publicity shots for a major opera company at ISO 1600 with an older camera that looked beautiful in print... and that was with less than your 22 million pixels, too.

So yes, if you can use a lower ISO, by all means do. But try not to be too afraid to go up a stop if you will otherwise get motion blur.

dirkluchtman wrote:

Mmmm, good advise on the ISO stops. I disagree on the noise. For a stage performance and possible cropping involved, ISO 1600 would be way beyond my comfort zone. I'd say ISO 800 is the max.

Michael Thomas Mitchell wrote:

I didn't actually advocate using ISO 640. That's just what the OP said he used, and I indicated that the 5DII will not be a problem at that speed, noise-wise. In fact, I do, too, only use full stops. For that matter, I keep the custom function on all my cameras using only 1/2 stop increments instead of 1/3. Old film habits, I guess.

Skip M wrote:

Actually, I'm going to disagree with Michael on one point. I tell my assistants to avoid the 1/3-2/3 stop ISOs and just stick to the full stop ISOs, like 200, 400 & 800. Those intermediate ones are merely the higher ISO, pulled, so you get the noise of the higher ISO without the additional light from the higher ISO. ISO 800 should get you just as low noise shot at 640, and lower your needed aperture at any given shutter speed by 1/3 stop, or give you 1/3 stop faster shutter speed at any given aperture.
Otherwise, what he said was very on point.
Skip M
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