SX 40 Settings in P Mode

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Re: SX 40 Settings in P Mode

I have an SX40, and the settings I like to use in P mode are these:

In 'My colors', go to 'Custom color,' and set saturation +1, Sharpness +1, Contrast +1, skin tone 'llighter'. That makes wonderful pictures with good pop.

On really sunny days I also back exposure off -1/3 with the exposure compensation to avoid blowing the highlights. For cloudy or dull days, or inside, I set it back to no compensation. Auto ISO of course. This has worked really well for me.

Hope that helps you...

Quickbeams wrote:

I was wondering if people could tell me what they believe are the best settings for the SX 40 in P Mode. I did a search through the forums and could not find anything. Maybe I’m blind, but if there is something I did not see it.

I should also explain that I am not an experienced photographer. I want to make some settings to things like Custom Colours and exposure compensation and then just leave the settings and take pictures. I know enough that for exposure compensation I may need to adjust this depending on lighting conditions, but for everything else I’d like to be able to leave the settings alone.

I should also explain that I do not yet have the SX 40. I have the “old” SX10 and am considering going to the SX 40. I do not want to get it however, if I will need to be continually changing the settings to get good pictures.

Any suggestions???

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kind regards

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