Full tele full res P510 vs sx 40 comparison?

Started May 15, 2012 | Discussions thread
neocacher Forum Member • Posts: 55
Re: Full tele full res P510 vs sx 40 comparison?

i bought a P510 yesterday after looking at both it and the sx40. Here are a few 100% crops at about 50' away at the feeder. Both have there strengths and weaknesses. I bought the P510 for the 1000mm and 16mb. Period. It is definately not an slr. But for $400 vs. $4000 or more for an equivaltent lenght set up it is worth it. Plus is it much more convenient to carry around with your binoculars and spotting scope. I had a 7D and 400mm lens. Still couldnt get close enough! These are good enough for me. I am not out to win any awards. No one really cares anyway, and if they please you, you will easily be able to get shots like these with your P510. FYI, I had always been a Canon guy!. No PP except for a VERY little sharpening. 100% crops. maybe around 10%-20% of originial picture is left after cropping.

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