Pentax 300mm DA on Nikon D800?

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Re: Pentax 300mm DA on Nikon D800?

Sophie, Gerry, Duplo, Moving Comfort, et al, Thanks for the offer to test and for sharing your experiences and ideas. I bought a 300mm Nikon f4 non-AF-S from KEH (it was just delivered as I started writing). I will try it and if it works for me I may add a Kenko 300 pro 1.5 TC later to see if I can extend its reach. If not, I can always sell both for nearly what I paid.

I was hoping that others of you would be able to say, "Yeh, it works fine, even with a little difficulty in focusing, etc." Alas, I think Duplo is right, that if I want a quality image I had better use Nikon glass on the Nikon D800.

If I could afford two systems, I would happily replace my K20d with a K-5 and keep the DA* 300. It is a wonderful lens. Here is a cropped image I took with the K20d and the DA* 300:

Thanks again to everyone who responded.

Don Boyd

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