Love the X100 even though it's Sticky.

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Re: UPDATE #5 - Happy AND Disappointed...

Fuji turned the camera around in record time. From the day I shipped it to the day I got it back (today), it's been one week.

I haven't gotten too much of a chance to test it, but it appears the sticky-aperture issue is resolved. The lens assembly was replaced and the whole camera was cleaned according to their paperwork.

However... the camera was returned to me with a malfunctioning EVF. The OVF seems fine, and the LCD appears to be working as it should, but the EVF is not. The image is all posterized-looking and 1/2 purple. I can see it while shooting, when looking at a preview photo (through the EVF, not LCD) and even in the menu when looking at it through EVF. Something is obviously wrong.

So I called and it's going back. They are sending me a FEDEX label to return it to them right away... hopefully I'll be able to drop it off at FEDEX today.

I've been very pleased with their service on the phone -- they are very nice. The turn around time on the first repair was exceptionally fast. And they fixed this for me outside of warranty, free of charge (I bought the camera as a used/open box through Amazon). However, I am disappointed there is this new problem now. I love the little X100, but I don't want to end up regretting my purchase of it!


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