Need help to decide between canon 50mm 1.4 and 35mm 1.4

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Re: Need help to decide between canon 50mm 1.4 and 35mm 1.4

WELL... there's 2 simple questions to ask yourself here....

1.How much cash do you have to spend on a lens? usually we have budgets to keep to and theres a BIG price difference in the 2... about $1,000.


2.Do you like/tend to shoot wider or not?

I too want both of these lenses... My shooting tends to lean towards the wider 35mm.. as it gives me a good photojournalistic angle of view..also isnt so wide where it suffer from distortions.. great lens for that shooting approach. BUT this does not mean I hate shooting at 50mm, I think 50mm can be used just as useful.. and I still enjoy shooting at this length for everyday stuff..

The 35 1.4L is without a doubt a serious deliverer in terms of quality.. and the 50 1.4 also gives very high quality, even without being an "L" lens... just look at samples.. both perform very well optically..

I'll also add that the 35 is larger and heavier than the 50 if you want to walk around extensively.. this is something to keep in mind as well...

Since I dont have $1,300 to drop on a lens currently and I'd like to grab a prime.. I also know down the line I would like both primes in my kit.. I am renting a 50 1.4 and then will most likely purchase that.. then after some more money is saved.. I'll look to get the 35 1.4L...who knows, maybe there will even be a significant price drop a year from now for it.

Its simply a style and money choice.. you love wider angles and have cash to burn?.. go for the 35 1.4L! you wont be disappointed... you still enjoy shooting at standard 50mm and wanna save yourself some money?.. go with the 50 1.4! you wont be dissapointed by either quality wise.. just choose which lens is better suited for your shooting style and spending budget.

good luck!

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