If I buy my 1st SLR today, I may not pick a Canon

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Re: Canon's trump card

Building cameras faster, cheaper and better quality with robots may improve Canon's bottom line, but it is a long term investment not likely to influence Canon's short-term performance. Partly, the robots won't be online until 2015 and 3 years is a long time in camera business. Also, robotic assembly is very expensive and it will be many years before Canon recoup its investment. But clearly, it is the way to go as human labor is the most prohibitive cost in manufacturing. It is good that they are thinking ahead and build the foundation for their future.

Still, I think robots can help Canon only so much. I think Canon's reliability speaks for itself. Even now, most dslr they sell are very competitively priced. I think robots will help them maximize their profits but as for accuracy and durability - I think the workers' craftsmanship maybe improved upon 1-5% at most This is partly due to limitation of its camera technology. For example, NEX's AF capability will always be better than Canon's competitive dslrs because of Sony's translucent mirror system. It is a physics problem no amount of robot help can overcome. At the end of the day, if nobody is buying their cameras, what good is production speed to save money? I know that a lot of non-dslr can't really compete with dslr cameras mano y mano but Canon would be a fool to standby in comatose while waiting for their 'robots'.

To me, it is more important Canon read the successes of other competing system and spend money & time to beat them. Of course having a robots to help you out is certainly beneficial but not as important, IMO, as innovating new technology to thwart its competitors where it counts most.

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