indoor lens for kid photos, how wide can I go on a crop sensor?

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Re: Might I offer a different opinion

Suntan wrote:

dr567 wrote:

I primarily take family photos (have a newborn and a 4yo)... ...I've found (by using aperture stats) that 61% of the photos I've taken with my 18-55 were at 18mm. I sometimes wish it was wider...

Based on what you have commented above, my frank encouragement would be for you to consciously review your choices of composition and forcefully make yourself take more pictures at longer focal lengths.

In my experience, 95% of the images I see of children would be more compelling if they were cropped closer. I’m betting a lot of your 18mm shots fall into this category just by themselves. Not to mention the completely different compositions you will likely come up with once you become more accustomed to shooting with a longer focal length. Instead of sitting back and capturing the whole setting, you’ll be forced to actively choose what part of a scene to include and what parts you must leave out. The images are usually much more impactful as a result.

Suntan, I agree with you, but how is that offering a different opinion?

In my previous post, I encouraged the OP to purchase a 50mm 1.8..what better way to learn to shoot at a more appropriate, tighter focal length for kids portraits indoor and also learn to compose a scene then by going with the 50mm prime on his crop body? Not to mention, its very cheap. Doing so gives him low light capabilites, sharper images, a tighter 80mm field of view and it forces to move oneself around in order to compose the scene through the viewfinder.

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