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Re: You again?!?

Thats right Amoebe. You can continue to visit any thread you want. Nobody can stop you. Unlike your previous country, this is a free country with guaranteed freedom of expression. So, you also have to appreciate if somebody wants to get an update on their orders with PC Nation in this forum (and DP Review has no issues) they have a equal right start a thread if they want to, whether you like it or not, consider it foolish or not.

Given your past history with PC Nation, I would strongly recommend that you dont open PC Nation related threads, as it does not seem to be helping you get over your past bad experience. But you also have no right to stop anyone form creating a related thread. Let the people make their own choices. The thread will automatically die if there are no responses. Btw, you, by constant posting are helping to keep it alive. I hope you realize that...:-)

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