thanks nikon for screwing me out of work tonigh!!!!!!

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Tough Love From the Forum

OK so I've read almost all of the replies on this thread so far. You've been given a decent dose of tough love and have responded w/o fail with the classic "it aint my fault" response. All of your "reasons" for failure are just excuses and are based purely on decisions you've made all along the way.

Large student loan, your fault. I worked my way through college, joined the National Guard, and paid every single penny myself. I graduated owing a total of $3500. Don't tell me you made wise decisions if you owe $1800 per month.

Car ......... get a beater as has been suggested. Apartment ...... get a lessor one. All decisions. Bottom line is you signed up to deliver a service that you're only prepared to deliver on if everything goes great. Well apparently that's not always the case.

I do consulting engineering for sawmills and work with a lot of contractors. Their issues with equipment, manpower, etc are not my concern. Get the job done, or the next guy will, period. It's a tough lesson to learn and you better learn it quickly or photography will become a hobby for you.

I'm sure you're a great guy and I sincerely wish you well. Just look in the mirror and be responsible for your own actions.


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