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Re: You again?!?

amobi wrote:

Like I said this is foolish thread.

The most mature and least foolish thing you could do is to never post in this thread again. If you post here again it will be proof that you are the fool.

PS. Your continued disruption of the threads that are helpful to us PC Nation customers is the web forum equivalent of terrorism. Your hate attacks on PC Nation and its customers is abominable.

^^^^^^^^^^^This is bait to try and trick you into replying and proving yourself a fool. Don't fall for my bait!!! Who am I kidding. I know you will fall for my bait and reply. You are not intelligent enough to stay silent. You could make ME the fool by never posting again, but NO, you will fall for my bait and post again and again. Go ahead... prove me right and post again. Do it. You can't help yourself. I am greater than you and your next post proves it! I have already won.

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