indoor lens for kid photos, how wide can I go on a crop sensor?

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Re: indoor lens for kid photos, how wide can I go on a crop sensor?


I suggested the tokina 11-16 bc you mentioned you wanted something wider than your 18-55 and also better in low light..

this lens does both and will give you good IQ.. i also suggested it for the reason you mentioned.. you can take it outside and use that guy fro landscapes as well.. if all of your shots are at 18 and you want something wider.. you only have a few options.. especially if you want low light performance..

and you're right.. getting a 15/15/17-X and using it on the widest end.. it wont give you the same results at that focal length.. they will be weaker.. so re ask yourself the question of what else other than your kid indoors do you want to shoot? .....

This will help you answer your question.. maybe get a cheap fast prime like the 50 f/1.8 for your indoor kid shots and get something 15/16/17 -X for outdoor everyday walkabout which doesnt need to be at 2.8 or faster and you can get by with 3.5 or 4. OR maybe you wanna get that fast prime for the indoor use and get something wider like the 10-22 for landscapes which also doesnt need to be at 2.8 or faster for that... SO see what you want to shoot most and maybe go with a cheap fast prime a second lens for your other shots of choice.

Good luck!

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