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Normal lens

jrtrent wrote:

Ed Rizk wrote:

Infinite possibilities are good. Unless you can fly, you will never get a picture of a bird in flight without a long lens. . . Some of us need or want pictures of specific things that are not always positioned on the earth for a shot with a 50mm lens.

It is certainly true that a normal lens isn't the best choice for every type of photography, but it isn't a bad choice to start with, and for some it has proven the only lens they need or want. I like Philip Greenspun's advice on a good first lens in his article on how to build a DSLR system:

An important question in that respect is "what is a normal lens" On my film SLR, I started with a 50 mm and a 28 mm prime and found them quite handy. On city trips, the 28 mm sometimes was the sole lens I used. However, I always found a 50 mm lens very awkward to use on a 1.6 crop DSLR - always a tad to long, but not long enough for that portrait. When I used my EF50mm f1.8 (mostly for people shots) I often cropped the people shots whereas I could not step back enough to get the scene in land and cityscape shots. If I were to use primes, I probably would have to get a 14 or 18mm (hardly available or ultra-expensive) a 30mm and a 100 mm, the latter doubling as macro lens. In the meantime I find my Sigma 18-50mm f2.8 very handy, but again discover the pitfalls of autofocus and small finders once I am toying with shallow depth of field (please give me that split prism...)

ON the other hand, perhaps it is difficult to judge for me since I started with primes...

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