Chosing only one fixed lens

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Re: Chosing only one fixed lens

Probably going the 50mm 1.4 route would be the best bet for you..

you seem to have a good zoom range covered between ultra wide angle with the 17-40..a nice all round walkabout zoom with the 24-105 and telephoto with the 70-300.. adding a speedy prime is a smart choice.. and for general all rounder use.. the 50 would work best IMO.. its more of a choice of how you like to shoot though.. as a general choice the 50mm is a good standard length for you ...but if you lean to wider shots.. the 35mm is great as well. I dont think going wider than 35 is smart.. too wide for general everyday usage and going tighter than 50 with an 85 is gonna cramp you too much of the time if its for general purposes.. for this reason..I'd go with 1 of 4 lenses if youre sticking with Canon:
35 1.4L
35 2
50 1.2L
50 1.4

this is also of course going to depend on your budget.. I think a good copy of a 50 1.4 is gonna give you the best results for the money...if I had no limit, I would go 35 1.4L.. but I don't have that cash for that ..I'm renting a 50 1.4 this weekend for a week to see if I wanna pick one up.. also looking to add a prime to my kit.. and I think I'll be happy with the 50 1.4 and go with that one.. but we'll see. How do you like your 17-40?? I'm renting that as well.. don't mean to hijack your thread, just figured I'd ask.. I own the 24-70 and 70-200 2.8 II and looking to add the 17-40 and 50 1.4

good luck with your choice!

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