D7000 and lens advise for Europe Travel

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Re: D7000 and lens advise for Europe Travel

Ajindal, by now you've realised there's no consensus

so far the "best" tips are your 16-85; to borrow 18-105, or even the maligned 18-200mm VR. Get a wide any of those mentioned will work wonders with your d7k, period.

I'll add to the pool of options the Tokina 12-24mm F4, cheap and really good, version I or II, for d7k it doesn't matter which one, IQ probably will be the same.

Instead of the 70-300 give the loved one a Pana FZ150 = 600mm; Canon SX40 = 800mm; Nikon P510 = 1000mm yes, no kidding, one thousand MM Just to mention a few superzoom if you really need telephoto range, if you want even smaller, get the Fuji 770exr or Nikon S9300, Canon "XX" these are all real P&S sizewise with long zoom range, of course IQ will fault a bit but... with the kids stuff in your equation, you better think twice or "thrice" your "carrying power"

So far:
Wide Tokinas
Nikkor 18-105
One of these long zoom/day-only shooting powerzooms.
Ligth and will serve you well.

  • Check the Panny FZ150 some nice stuff here at Dp with this little fella



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