Need recommendations for sports lens for D700

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Re: Need recommendations for sports lens for D700

Non BIM ( Built In Motor ) Tamron was the older version of this lense that relied on screw to drive it. On D700 should be pretty fast!

I had the newer model Tamron, sold it very quickly as the focus was just to skittish as you are seeing.

MRM wrote:

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Fast variable zooms:

Cheapest Tamron 28-75 2.8: get the one with OUT the BIM, it focuse fast on higher end bodies, better than the skittish BIM version

Next up Nikon 28-70 2.8 about 900 bucks, the next up the 24-70 nikkor at 1800 bucks new 1400-1600 used.

The 24-120F4 is a decent all around F4 lense, but I think the old Tamron is actually faster focusing, if that is important.

Personally I'd take the 2.8 over the more versatile range if you are doing night shots where motion is always going to want you to shoot as fast as you can

Not familiar with BIM. What is that?

I had a D7000 for a few weeks and bought a Tamron 28-75 2.8 lens and it kept focus hunting in lw light, so I sent it back. It was a new one.

My only concern with a 28-75 or a 28-70 is it may not be long enough for some places I go with it being a FX camera. Those ranges were fine on the D200.

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