Goslings with the 100-300mm

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Re: A word from your sponsor.......ENOUGH!

gmac68 wrote:

s_grins wrote:

Janet, be a man :D. Take it easy and learn to take the heat.

You would be surprised at how happy I am to NOT be a man.....

Its not the criticisms. We can all use coaching to take better pictures (lord knows I can use the help), its the complete lack of civility. Totally inappropriate.


Really nice subject and over all pleasing pictures. That's the point of taking them and sharing them. If they can be improved upon next time, great. But really pleasing pictures as they are.

Edited to add, 14? Wow, was thrilled to find just one on my outing this weekend. But then perhaps its a tad bit early, up here in NH. You must be down the coast a bit judging from the Irene reference.

Actually, these are from Troy, NY, which is just about at the same latitude as Bennington, VT, so this is the same level as southern NH....but I think this spring the geese got started several weeks earlier than usual due to the remarkably warm March weather we had.

It was a real treat to see them at this age, too, which is why i thought it would be cool to share......

What's that saying....No good deed goes unpunished?


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