What’s the best email client for Mac?

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Re: What’s the best email client for Mac?

I have been using Sparrow for a while now. I like the app because it is small, simple, and to the point. It will also do pretty much anything if you are willing to learn how. But, I keep it simple.

Before that, I used Thunderbird for years on both my MBP and Windows machines. I never had a problem with it. Co-workers at the college still use it and also like it. Some people on this site have complained about problems, we have seen none.

Microsoft Outlook is OK but, for me, overly cluttered and trying to do too much.

I have never liked Apple Mail. Nothing really wrong with it, I just find it annoying for no particular reason!

As a personal aside, the cult surrounding Eudora is really unfounded. I remember using Eudora back in the Middle Ages when you had to pay good money for it. Really now, there is nothing about Eudora to make one wax poetic. More false nostalgia than reality.

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