5Dmk3 vs D800E Part 1

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Re: 5Dmk3 vs D800E Part 1

SubPrime wrote:

jackpro wrote:

The first shot is a great example of the flatter rendering of the 85L which gives much better detail & tone in the hair this is the huge advantage for portraits. Nikon tends to crush the darks with there 85 lenses requiring fill light to overcome the poor performance. Leica 50f1.4 & Hasselblad 80mm perform similar to canon 85L.

You do realize that the OP is comparing an 85 1.8 to an 85 1.2? Why he didn't opt for the 85 1.4G is anyone's guess, but seeing the lengths some people here have gone to to skew results, it's hardly surprising.

And FYI. The "flatter rendering" probabyl has more to do with the WB settings that the lenses. As for detail & tone in the hair, you're not goign to see anything with images scaled down to 1600 pixels.

You Canon fanboys are really convicing yourselves you're seeing stuff that's not even there.

Give it a rest. Regardles if one is f1.2 and the other is f1.8 both lens were tested using the same F stop. The Nikkor is more modern and no slouch. Obviousely you have no understanding on Nikon lens or cameras in general.

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