Goslings with the 100-300mm

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A word from your sponsor.......ENOUGH!

Triggr Happy wrote:

i didn't know that only few "privileged" here are allowed to comment on what people post.

and I didn't "slam" OP, all I said was that pictures are crap because of using EX Tele plus Digital zoom. *

What's wrong with that? Are those pictures really good? Look at first two, you don't see excessive sharpening?

I am sure OP is capable of taking wonderful pictures but these are not because of how they were taken.

Tim in upstate NY wrote:

Triggr Happy wrote:

look who is talking!

Ellen 1 has not uploaded any photos to their gallery yet.

. . . I just looked at those four test shots in your gallery and I think that Ellen has a valid point. The OP here in this thread is much more accomplished than you as a photographer and it's pathetic in the extreme that you feel empowered to slam her photos here without being able to show anything of any substance of your own work.

You have taken a wonderful moment in Nature, and instead of looking at the photo content, which was my intent, you have gone on a total rude and inappropriate rant about the pixel-level qualities of the images and the equipment used in their capture.

I have requested from DPR that this thread be removed. Nice work ruining a wonderful experience that I simply wanted to share with others who might also get some enjoyment from it. You should be ashamed of yourself.


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