D800 (wireless) tethered shooting

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D800 (wireless) tethered shooting

Hey guys,

What would be the best way for shooting tethered wirelessly with the D800?

I was planning on buying a 15/20 meter USB cable, but apparently it's not a wise thing to use such a long USB cable (losing signal/speed).

Apart from that there are only 20 meter USB 2.0 cables. The USB 3.0 extension cables I can find are only 5 meters.

A wireless version of shooting tethered would be nicer anyway, but I don't really like the $700 expense of the WT-4 transmitter. I'm quessing Nikon will provide a newer and smaller transmitter for the D800 in some time, just like the new WT-5 for the D4.
I also understand that the WT-5 is a lot quicker than the WT-4?

Should check on Nikon if they have plans for a new transmitter. Nikon Netherlands told me that there were no plans for an upgrade, but I quess I should ask Nikon USA

Then I see a lot of clever guys building and soldering wireless USB stuff: http://www.jamiecarl.com.au/blog/wireless-tethering-the-next-level/

I like speed, reliability, small size and use the camera with grip + L-bracket so sticking out antennas on the left is no option.

Anyone with a good recommendation?

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