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Good insights

I like all your comments.

anthony mazzeri wrote:

We're a very small and very eclectic bunch who probably don't even actually have the same type of Ricoh camera as the next person, let alone take the same kind of pictures that would interest them. It's hard to comment on pictures which aren't really up your own alley...

When I see a striking photo, I try to take time to comment, even if it isn't my special interest area, but that isn't really the answer. There are some photos I take, for example which have almost no subject matter appeal, but I caught some lighting or a textural detail that I thought was exceptional. I think the secret, in cases like that, is to tell the viewer in plain language what you were after and why you posted such a pointless picture. So part of building the dialogue is to start the converssation.

For example, the candid snap of the CX user probably doesn't interest the more 'serious' Leica lens owner

I "resemble" that remark! I use a CX1 and I'm not a snapshooter. In addition, I post-process all my photos so they are indistinguishable from those taken with a Leica lens. (Do I need 2 faces for that remark?).

I fully understand my own macro and pet portraiture doesn't appeal to them in turn either. The most clear indication I've had of this divide is my winning a DPR Challenge which is a difficult thing to actually do, and so I thought would be an appreciated by all Ricoh owners as a feather in the cap of the Ricoch GXR lensor (the A12 28mm) - but not a single reply. Like I said, the subject matter probably just doesn't interest anyone else as being just another 'cat pic'.

I missed your winning picture, but I loved the dog portrait you posted earlier -- sent the link to my wife. I have taken some prize-winning pictures of our dogs too, but nothing to compare to yours.

Anyway, a good solution to this problem is to actually celebrate it instead - I thought a good idea for gathering this disparate cross-collection of Ricoh cameras and photographic interests was when Harold did the 'pic of the year' thread, which I tried to emulate with a 'pic of the month' thread. This allows people to post their best pic of any camera-grade or photography-interest in a thread where they know others will see it but without worry about not receiving comments about it. People can still comment on the ones that appeal to them if they want, ie "great street shot" comments from other street shooter and so forth.

I like the "pic-of-the" threads, but it's usually just the OP who comments -- others seem to see it as a one-way street. Worth doing, though.

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