D800, 85mm 1.4G and focus shifting.

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D800, 85mm 1.4G and focus shifting.

Two days ago I bought a 85mm 1.4G and so far I am still very impressed with its performance, see my thread here,

My first shooting was all done at F1.4 except one pic shot at F4.5, looking at that F4.5 pic I could see some backfocusing and i was scratchin my head why!

Decided to test the lens agains a chart using F4.0 and to my surprise this new lens was in need of a -18 fine-tune adjustment!!

Went to the streets to try the lens again after the -18 adjustment made and the shooting was a total disaster, all my f1.4 shots were sort of way to soft with some frontfocusing and the ones stopped down extremely sharp!!!

Did some more tests and the focus shift is so evident that I thought something was wrong with the lens.

Suddenly I remembered to have read something about this in the Photozone review of this lens ( http://www.photozone.de/nikon_ff/606-nikkorafs8514ff?start=1 ) but at the time I didn't pay too much attention to it.

I don´t think this have any impact when shooting peoples' portraits but nonetheless I would like to share this little issue I bumped into. Maybe one day Nikon will release better fine-tune in firmware with the possibility to make adjustments for more than one focal lenght

This is the problem with too much pixel-peeping the D800 pics! lol

In the case of the pic where I noticed this, I was on an over pass bridge and shot a bus on a street below. The bus is not in focus but the farthest buildings are.

Here is the pic and crops where I noticed the focus shift:

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Best regards,

Jorge Macedo

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