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Re: Sensor dust

Great site and post.

I recently went back to an slr, but with the intent of using primes and I"m really happy. I lucked out on the first prime I got- a 35mm (52 eq) and found a FL I can really enjoy. Maybe not for landscapes, but it did the trick for me. It's already forced me to work on myself, rather than the equipment, which perhaps the OP needs to think about, too. Hell, I even had incredible fun with my cell cam (actually, a large-sensor smartphone) and it forced me to think very differently and go in the areas it will excel in.

jrtrent wrote:

Ed Rizk wrote:

Infinite possibilities are good. Unless you can fly, you will never get a picture of a bird in flight without a long lens. . . Some of us need or want pictures of specific things that are not always positioned on the earth for a shot with a 50mm lens.

It is certainly true that a normal lens isn't the best choice for every type of photography, but it isn't a bad choice to start with, and for some it has proven the only lens they need or want. I like Philip Greenspun's advice on a good first lens in his article on how to build a DSLR system:

"The novice photographer who starts with a zoom lens typically uses it in lieu of backing up or stepping forward. An experienced photographer visualizes the scene first, chooses a focal length, then gets into the appropriate position to capture the scene with that focal length. It is much better to get a lens with a fixed focal length, learn to recognize scenes where that lens can be used effectively, and then add additional lenses once that focal length has been mastered."

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