High ISO Comparison: NX200, D7000, NEX 3

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Re: High ISO Comparison: NX200, D7000, NEX 3

This is one of those arguments that's come up before, about several brands, and usually, they get trumped in one way or another.

I can't wait to magically see this on Samsung's site.

viking79 wrote:

snake_b wrote:

1600 is high ISO now for modern APS-c?

Any reason you didn't go further?

Yes, because 6400 would give an unfavorable advantage to the Samsung (which you seem to think I am some how favoring the Samsung).

Too bad the "review" doesn't take into account type of noise, shadow noise, recovery ability, and so on. It focuses on a doll. A static doll.

Look at the noise for yourself maybe? I put highlights, shadows, and mid tones in there.

The bottom line is that the K-5, D7000, NX200, NEX 5n, NEX 3, NEX 7, etc are just not that different when you look at the RAWs.

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