Best PP sharpening techniques for D800 images?

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Re: Best PP sharpening techniques for D800 images?

NRG wrote:

...This video link is by Joe McNally, a well established pro photographer who shoots for National Geographic. While the following video is more useful for left-eyed photographers, it's still worth a look...

Da Grip:

I didn't realize Joe was a left eye photographer. I am awaiting my D800 and decided to discipline my technique by using my 28-200 3.5-5.6G no VR lens on my D700 using this grip. It is stable but a lil uncomfortable for right eyed shooter cause you need to crane your neck to the left more while the camera is resting on your left shoulder. Thanks for the video, it answered the questions I had for this grip.

user_name wrote:

I think the opposite is true. That is, the D800 should require less sharpening.

Now, with the D800 the pixel size is very small, so the AA blurring should be proportionally small as well. This leads me to believe the amount of sharpening used should be small, too.

I would be interested to hear feedback from others if they feel my opinions are correct.

Hope you don't mind that I disagree w/your opinion. IMHO, while post processing--the pixels does not vary in size as they do in the sensor at a fixed dimension (36x24mm). So the pixel size are the same regardless of camera used for taking the image when seen blown up to the pixel level on a monitor.

Sharpening is applied to the defined edges found in the image and since higher resolution has denser pixel grouping (a fine line in a low-res image will run across the length at 1 pixel, the same line in hi-res will run across the length at about 3 pixel), more sharpening radius per pixel can be applied.

For quick output, I apply no more than level three in sharpening. I usually pull as much shadow detail that i want from an image and apply the sharpening and and pay careful attention to the highlights to see if just a bit of detail is sharpened, i'm quite happy at that point. For more intense processing I apply accordingly to the image and subject-i.e. portrait, landscape or urban streets, etc.

here's an idea of how I approach my sharpening

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