X100 and X-Pro1 on assignment (in China)

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Re: X100 and X-Pro1 on assignment (in China)

pkincy wrote:

Thank you for sharing. A great eye with a couple of very good cameras.

I think the X100 and the XPro 1 with the 60 mm is a pretty good kit to carry.

My 35 mm sits in its lens box, while I never ordered the 18mm.


I find that with the X100 (23mm) and the X-Pro1 (with the 60mm macro mounted) that I have most of my bases covered. The 18mm and 35mm don't get near as much use - although the 35mm is a stellar optic and do I use it once in a while. I love shooting closeup at f/1.4 with it... something really magical about the output it produces.

I love the size of the 18mm pancake, but it largely sits in my bag unused, as I tend to grab my X100 when I need a wider focal length. Truthfully, if I never ordered the 18mm, I probably wouldn't miss it... then again, if I didn't have the X100, I suspect the 18mm would see a lot more use.


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