My thoughts on my newly purchased 70-300 4/5.6 USM IS L Lens

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Re: My thoughts on my newly purchased 70-300 4/5.6 USM IS L Lens

It isn't the reaction of most of the professional reviews either.

While I respect that people can have different opinions about how "much better" one lens is over another (what is a small difference to you may be a big difference to someone else and visa versa), to claim that "many people have been dissappointed" and "IQ not being L quality" is just not supported by the reviews on this forum. If you want to make highy questionable statements like that and be taken seriously I would suugest you back them up with some sort of proof (or at least first hand experience), otherwise your comments just start to fall into the "boky" category of uninformed forum noise.

I still own a "good" copy of the older 70-300 non-L and really liked the lens. Even though it was relegated to the back of the draw after I purchased the 100-400, I still used it occassionally when I wanted to travel light. But I have been nothing but impressed by the new L version. If actual users (not fourm "experts" who have never used the lens) are giving up their canon 70-200 f4 IS lenses (a VERY highly regarded lens in its own right) for the new 70-300L then I think that speaks volumes.

Cheers Mike

PS...I know most people are not claiming the 70-300L is "better" than the 70-200 F4 IS, just that the differences seem to be small enough that for many the extra reach outweighs any minor loss in IQ.

Brian Wadie wrote:

I don't think that IQ is much better than the 70-300mm NON L. I guess you pay for the build quality, that's all. Many people have been disappointed about this lens IQ not being L quality. And, is super heavy.
Canon Person.

Care to share any of the threads relating to this? (its not the reaction of those of us who actually own and use the lens)

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