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Andy Crowe Senior Member • Posts: 1,587
Many cameras like that already exist.

I would like a small camera with a 1/1.7 BSI-CMOS sensor with no more than 16mp and about 24-240mm fixed lens. Is that too much to ask for from this season's new models.

You have loads of cameras like this to choose from, on the one hand you have plenty of good pocket zooms with 10 and 12x lenses, on the other you have plenty of premium compacts with 1/1.7 and 1/1.6 sensors with moderate 4x or larger zooms,

You want both a large/wide zoom range and a larger sensor in a compact body? Can't be done, a larger sensor requires either a physically larger lens (which you don't want) or a smaller max aperture, which negates most the advantages of the larger sensor anyway.

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