My full review of the new X2 is up!

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More X2 advantages

The X2 is really the best under 11 ounce camera out there now. The Fuji X100 is 16 ounces, and 50% more volume. The X200 is twice the volume, it is larger than a Nikon D5100 in its frontal area.

The NEX Sony has horrific skin tones, people look orange, in low light there is a lot of chroma.

The OM-D is not the same size sensor at all.

Leica X1 (hope X2 is as good) has the color, sharpness unmatched. The Fuji X100 focuses half the time. It seems to always focus on the wall behind.

Now with the good AF, the X2 is the only under 11 ounce APS with great IQ.

If Leica could change the LCD it would appeal to many. The price is really OK, a fixed lens camera saves a lot of money in lenses!

zeepyOne wrote:

There is still one advantage, size, it is light and pocketable. Fuji, Sony or Olympus are bigger and the lens sticks out.

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