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Re: Sensor dust

Same here. My E-510, to this day, has not had a dust problem. I have had dust with my compacts, however. One of them being the same one Brian owns.

jrtrent wrote:

Christoph Stephan wrote:

Have you tried the newer models with automatic sensor cleaning? Dust was a major hassle spoiling the fun with my EOS 20D, and I upgraded to the EOS 40D (the foirst one of this line with sensor-cleaning) for that reason. And indeed, this upgrade largely solved the sensor dust issue...

That's a good point. I never had sensor dust problems with an Olympus DSLR.

...on the other hand, my EOS 20D is doing quite fine now as well. I wonder whether much of the dust was internal abrasion. It is now old and well "worn-in" and spotty skies are largely a thing of the past....

I think that was probably the issue I had with my Sigma SD14. It had that filter just behind the lens mount to block dust entry, and besides that, I never changed lenses on it anyway (I bought only the 30mm F/1.4 standard lens). But after three trips to Sigma for cleaning (nice company to deal with, and they never charged me for a cleaning), and then finding sensor debris issues yet again, I gave up on it (and bought an Olympus E-450).

I would think the ability to shoot without any cost implication brought a great increase in quantity at the expense of quality. People more carefully composed when they had to buy film, and the number of shots were limited.

I think it was also just easier to compose with a film camera. No digital SLR has a viewfinder as big and easy to focus on than any of the budget film SLR's I've owned. My Contax 139Q actually has the smallest viewfinder of my film cameras, yet it's still got a bigger, easier to use viewfinder than any of even the full-frame cameras I've compared it to. The depth of field scales on the Zeiss manual-focus prime lenses are great, and exposure issues with slide film were easily solved by using a spot meter. Digital has lots of advantages, though, and I still hope some company will bring out a manual-focus digital SLR (like Leica did with the rangefinder M9).

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