D800 or D800E for architecture - aliasing and lines

Started May 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: D800 or D800E for architecture - aliasing and lines

Gus Rock wrote:

I'm trying to decide between the D800 and the E and would appreciate any advice. I mainly shoot architecture with the main purpose of making large prints very frequently. My main worry is not really color moire or even luminance moire, but that lines will look jagged, giving a pixelated, digital look when printed. Initially I was set on the E but now I'm not sure anymore. Grateful for any advice!

I am using my D800E for architecture. It produces a lot less Moiré than the D700. I would expect, the Moiré it does produces, would also show up with regular D800.

You can use both very nicely. D800E will not be much better or worse for architecture. The E makes more sense for Landscape, when you expect very fine detail with little contrast. With lines with high contrast the difference is slight.

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