portrait for critique

Started May 15, 2012 | Discussions thread
Yin Yang Contributing Member • Posts: 920
Fews ideas

First, I kind of like this picture although it won't make you "wow" but:

-I agree with the eye level remark. It's very important for kid shooting excepted if you shoot them face above looking at the camera like this one for example:

-something in the composition is not totally right, IMO. I get that you wanted some vertical effect composition but in this case I may have chose a lower point of view to make it more dynamic. The probleme here is that there is no place on the left of the picture, cutting his look. Look need an empty space in it direction. I don't know if I explain my self very much. -post-processing is matter of taste so I won't comment that.

L'expérience est une lampe accrochée dans le dos, elle n'éclaire que le chemin parcouru. Lao Tseu


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