And you wonder why I don't post here much anymore

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Re: And you wonder why I don't post here much anymore

anthony mazzeri wrote:

Archiver wrote:

If you think the Ricoh forum is slow, you should drop by the Casio forum some time.

At least the Casio forum was all one type of camera. The Ricoh forum is sudivided further into a cross section of users from the CX to the GX to the GRD to the GXR. And even then the GXR users are divided again into either the P10 or S10, or the A12 modules which are again different shooters to Leica lens owners with the Mount A12.

Take the Mount A12 specifically. Tom posts about using Canon and Jupiter SLR lenses with it, and myself and others post about using Nikon lenses, which doesn't really interest those who bought it purely to use rangefinder lenses.

We're a very small and very eclectic bunch who probably don't even actually have the same type of Ricoh camera as the next person, let alone take the same kind of pictures that would interest them. It's hard to comment on pictures which aren't really up your own alley, for instance a street shot will mostly have other street shooters commenting and that's all. The rest of us look but don't really have anything to say or input part from 'nice pic' if we like it. And even then 'nice pic' is probably worse than not commenting at all as it can sound like you've got nothing else better to say about the pic, which is probaby because it's true.

For example, the candid snap of the CX user probably doesn't interest the more 'serious' Leica lens owner, and likewise while the B&W street photography of complete strangers by GRD users isn't really my thing I fully understand my own macro and pet portraiture doesn't appeal to them in turn either. The most clear indication I've had of this divide is my winning a DPR Challenge which is a difficult thing to actually do, and so I thought would be an appreciated by all Ricoh owners as a feather in the cap of the Ricoch GXR lensor (the A12 28mm) - but not a single reply. Like I said, the subject matter probably just doesn't interest anyone else as being just another 'cat pic'. So Joel, if you're upset at only getting a few replies, try actually winning a Challenge and getting none at all, this is what it a truly lonley thread looks like:

Anyway, a good solution to this problem is to actually celebrate it instead - I thought a good idea for gathering this disparate cross-collection of Ricoh cameras and photographic interests was when Harold did the 'pic of the year' thread, which I tried to emulate with a 'pic of the month' thread. This allows people to post their best pic of any camera-grade or photography-interest in a thread where they know others will see it but without worry about not receiving comments about it. People can still comment on the ones that appeal to them if they want, ie "great street shot" comments from other street shooter and so forth.

A very thoughtful post Anthony and so true.

Joel just acknowledged this with his aside about A12 users.

You have also clearly focused my mind on something I half realised - that the GXR-M is such a versatile piece of equipment that you can almost make it the camera you precisely want it to be. Consequently I am quite out on my own travels with experimentation in my lenses whilst others simply want to take images with the most assured and compact lenses available. The minds will surely not meet when we are running quite separate agendas.

That is the beauty of the GXR and I have not even mentioned the completely separate characters of the zoom modules versus the more technical prime lens modules. All have their place but advocates of one sub-section may have no more than a passing interest in any of the others.

Take heart Joel, keep up your posting, you are doing all right on this thread.

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