Is cropping regarded as P.P

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Re: Is cropping regarded as P.P

win13 wrote:

Mike Ronesia wrote:

In my opinion cropping is as basic as post processing gets. I would never not allow it.

HDR is when you combine multiple shots of the same scene taken at different exposures so you can capture more shadow and highlight detail then the camera sensor can get in one shot. It is often done very poorly and I would consider it advanced post processing.
It's easier to ask for forgiveness then to ask for permission.

Hi Mike,

Re HDR look-alike? If you set the Oly E-5 to (art10)Dynamic Tone filter or iEnhance filter it looks like a HDR photo, but it has not been processed only a filter is being used, would that then DQ me in comps that state No HDR...

Win from Sunny Thailand.

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Kan Win

Below are the 3 examples

Next the

and then the dramatic one

All I did was to re-size them.

Thank you for looking and your feed-back.

Kan Win

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